Tuesday, May 26, 2009

8 months!

Happy 8 months Sweet Stella!

You're dad and I are in awe that your are our little one.
You continue to amaze us (and yourself) everyday.
There are several times a week where we just look at you and ask ourselves what we did before you blessed our lives.
The last 8 months have truly been a joy and blessing and we're humbled to be your parents.
Stella, you continue to make us laugh and love more than we thought possible.
Thank you for letting us love you and making it oh so easy!

What you've been up to this last month:
*Your two bottom teeth are in full force and you love to touch your upper lip with them
*You sleep 11-12 hours EVERY night..and have been for quite sometime.
*You are a little attached to your mommy right now.
*You saw American Idol, Kris Allen, in concert.
*You love your friends at daycare and play well with them..same at church.
*You eat everything and anything..there hasn't been a food you've passed up yet.
*You still prefer the real deal over the bottle.
*You're upper teeth seem to be bothering you, so maybe they'll be here by next month.
*You have allergies (no fun), but you're like your daddy.
*We went to the Dr. today about your allergies and you weigh 16 pounds 9 ounces.
*You love to open and shut your hands.
*You love to pose for a camera and LOVE watching videos of yourself.
*You still take 2 GOOD naps each day...one hour or longer each.
*You're in size 2 diapers...but inching closer to making the jump to size 3.
*You ride in the grocery cart like a big girl.
*You like to watching other kids.
*You cannot get enough of your books...both chewing on them and reading the pages.
*Bath time is still a favorite.
*You are attached to your doggie blanket in your crib and bunny blanket in your car seat.
*You have decided the pacifier isn't so bad, but only to chew on.
*You still have a VERY high pitched squeal that you use to get anyone's attention.
*Last but not least...YOU'RE CRAWLING.
Stella started crawling on her 8 month birthday...May 25th.

Here's to many more memories and months/years to come.

**There are still more Oregon posts to come...it's been busy around here.


The Cameron Family said...

Yay Stella! I can't believe she's crawling ... how fun!

Lauren said...

Stella...you are just a beautiful little girl and are so loved by two great parents! We miss you guys and can't believe she's 8 months old already...how it flies!