Saturday, May 16, 2009

Catching Up...1st Oregon Post!

Stella on her first trip to the park and ride on the swing with Papa.
Yes, she is flirting with the camera...she was having a blast with her Papa and being a big girl next to her cousin, Hunter.
How cute are they?
They can't get any cuter! But the pics leading up to this one are priceless!
Enjoying the Oregon SUN! Yes, it does come out.
I know I'm so late in making these posts, but my computer is slow and I've had issues uploading pics, etc..and lets face it...I have a 7 month old to play with.
I can't tell you how much fun Stella and I had in Oregon (and yes, we missed Tom), but it was so great to see family and I loved that all my grandma's GREAT grandkids were all together for a little family reunion. Stella is the youngest for now, my brother is expecting again.
It was very low key and very go go go at the same time. My parents spoiled Stella and Hunter and there were several firsts while we were in Oregon.
I'll have posts on each of them...but here's a hint...lots of animals and then a trip that included a fire truck.
Thanks Mom and Dad! It was a blast and we miss you dearly!

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