Monday, May 25, 2009

My Papa the Chaplain

Boy oh boy...if you are 2 years old and Papa Jeff say's "you want to go to see a fire truck," that is a BIG day. I love the picture below...Papa is one of Hunter's favorite people!
For the last couple years my dad has served as one of the chaplains for the Canby fire department. It can be a tough job at times, but my dad loves every minute. I hadn't seen the station yet, so he really wanted to show (or show off) Hunter and Stella to his fire buds, so we made it a trip. It was so fun! Stella is very proud of her Papa and loved seeing all the bright colors.
Checking out the old and new fire trucks. Stella just smiled the whole time and Hunter loved it, but at times he was a bit overwhelmed.

Checking out the "inside"
Then the nice guys at the station took Hunter and Stella for RIDE in the big fire truck. They even turned on the lights. It was quite the adventure for Hunter AND Papa. Stella just tagged along.

But if the ride wasn't nice ENOUGH...Hunter got to fire the hose! You can tell how serious he took this job.
I'm not sure what he's concentrating on, but I think he might have been trying to spray my mom, aka Grandma. Ha, just kidding.
We had a blast dad, thanks for sharing the great experience with us. I'm sure this is just the first time Stella will swing by the fire station with you! We love you!