Thursday, August 13, 2009

Look at What We Have...

Yes, I know it's far back on her head, but I can't believe she already has enough hair to put in a rubberband. I was bald until I was two, so I just thought it'd be the same story for her :)
Of course, I added a bow.
Tom had a baseball game tonight, so it was just us girls playing and we hung out in her room for awhile and did some exploring.
Trying to get things off her hope chest.
Looking for her toys under her bed. I love this!
Being silly. Doesn't she look old here?
Sick of pictures.
And this picture has nothing to do with her hair, but I had to share. You see, Stella didn't want to finish her bottle while I was holding her before bed tonight. But she kept pointing to her carseat that was on the I put her in it and Little Miss "Me-Do" finished her bottle.
And yes, she is waving in this picture...we were watching Toddlers and Tiaras and she LOVED it. But don't worry---I have NO intentions of being a stage mom.

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Ashley said...

That ponytail is so cute. You may not have any intentions to be a stage mom, but Stella may have other plans for you, lol! I can see it now...Tom will be the one practicing with her!