Thursday, August 27, 2009

11 Months and Counting!

Now that I get to play all day with mommy...I've been helping out a lot.Here's what we've been up to...we do the dishes!
We do laundry and make the bed for daddy to take a nap.
We get all dolled up for a night out with Grammie and Grandpa.
Happy Birthday Grandpa!
We cook.
We play peek-a-boo. This is my new favorite spot and I think it's hilarious!
And we're oh so silly!

sidenote: I promise Stella has more pj's than these, but it seems I only pull out my camera when she is sporting the lime green.

Stella turned 11 months this week and has been very busy.

* She is 20 pounds
* She is still taking 2 naps and sleeping through the night like a champ.
* She is eating more and more "real" people food.
* She LOVES balls...she will freak out if we are in a store and she sees a ball and doesn't get to play with it.
* We probably need to work on sharing a little.
* She says Ball, duck, mama, dada and many more words.
* She is discovering books more and more and wants to read to herself.
* She is VERY independent.
* She likes going for jogs in the stroller ONLY if the steering wheel is playing music.
* She LOVES to be outside and she LOVES the pool even more.

Stella we love you so much and can't believe you're almost ONE!

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