Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some of My Favorite Things

Stella and Diesel are loving their game of tug-o-war lately. It's amazing how gentle he is with her.
Watermelon is a new favorite!
And her ruby red shoes. I got these from my cousin, Troy and his family when I was pregnant and have been dying to get them on her, but she has the SMALLEST feet. These are for 6-12 months and you can see there is still plenty of room, but Stella LOVES them.
Showing off her shoes.
I had to add this picture because she is totally posing!

I just want to eat her up! By the way, Friday is my last day and then Stella becomes my official boss!!!!!!

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Corby and Lauren said...

Stella is absolutely adorable!!! I love those ruby shoes... and she obviously does too! I'm excited about your new job! What a fabulous boss you will have! I hope that y'all are doing well!