Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Egg Hunt #1

Stella loves bunny including the Easter Bunny and that's why I couldn't get her to look at the camera...she was checking him out.

Every Spring our neighborhood had this get together for the kiddos. There were bounce houses, the bunny, an egg hunt and of course juice and chips

Emerson slept through the excitement!

It was a madhouse with all the kids so as you can see Stella is staring down her competition.

Ha, next year she's with the big kids so she might not be so threatening :)

On the hunt for more eggs.

Showing daddy her loot.

Who wants to smile when you have a cookie with sprinkles on it?

Organizing her "treasures."

Stella was thrilled she got some suckers!

And of course she had to eat some candy and put on her candy bracelet before we headed home.

I think we have at least 2 more Easter egg hunts this week so we should be on a sugar high all week!

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