Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Emerson Kate!

 I know Emerson is going to kill me someday for posting these pictures, but I did it with Stella so I had to document the entire day.
 So since this birthday girls starts bright and early...she's a bit puzzled why I'm taking pictures so early in the day.
 Now she's a happy birthday girl. I CANNOT believe she is one.
 The big ONE year old before her little birthday party. I loved her dress! I made her wear the other outfit during the day so this would still be clean for her party.
 Loving ALL the attention!
This is by far my MOST FAVORITE picture of the year! Each year we mark the girls on their birthday to chart their growth. I promise Tom wasn't choking her...he was holding her head steady, but I LOVE her face.

OH Miss Emerson,
We Love ALL your sweet little faces! We have learned so much from you during your first year. There have been good times and some rough spots, but all have been sweet because we've had you. You melt our hearts daily, you make us laugh, cry, and crave sleep :)
We couldn't ask for a better bond between you and your sister. There has never been a moment of've been best friends since day one. You are more of a mommy's girl, but you light up with daddy is home and belly laugh when he plays with you! You're most favorite pass time is BATH time. You would stay in there all day long with we let you. Your eyes are a very pretty blue and we think your hair will be lighter than your sisters and daddy's hair. You definitely have your mama's white complexion.
You are social, but only when you want to be and usually only when you know the crowd. You tend to stare down strangers and give them very serious looks.
You are just precious and we love you more than you'll ever know.

Happy birthday sweet girl!
Mommy & Daddy

**more birthday posts to come, I promise!


Anonymous said...

All of your little ones aro really cute! I like your blog!

Rebekah said...

You made it!!!!! All the reflux and sleepless nights will soon be forgotten! Well, not really, if you want to know one big reason the Harris family remains a one child family!!!
Love all the pics of the sweet birthday girl! You guys are so blessed that the girls love each other so much. There must be something so wonderful about being sisters!

Busana Muslim said...

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