Monday, February 20, 2012

Hoot Hoot...Party Details

 If look closely the birthday girls dress has owls on it. This was kind of my insipiration for the theme. I ordered it from a local boutique show in the fall and jsut went with it. Then I remembered i had a lot of owl stuff. It's kind of Emerson's theme:)
 We already had this stuffed owl. My mom found this cute owl frame at Hobby Lobby and thanks to pinterest she whipped out the ribbon wreath. I didn't get a close up, but it included owl ribbon.
 Do you recognize this banner? It's what my friends made for the shower they threw me LAST year. I held onto it and that's what inspired the colors of the party.
 More owls! My mom and I made the owl cupcakes (again, thanks pinterest) and my mom made two dips and so did my mother in law. I know...small party. Small party doesn't need to mean NO food :)
Plus the party included family, close family friends, and of course Stella got to invite a friend so the small party was more medium. But it was perfect and not too crazy. Anyway, more on that later.
 My mom made this cute flower arrangement, BUT please look closely at those COOKIES. Yes, those are edible and yes they're DELISH! Click on cookies to see Holly's work and order some, they're AMAZING
 And of course, Emerson's "smash" cake came from Ricks Bakery.
Look at the cute owl. And please notice the cute bib my mom got her with an E on it for her dive into her first taste of cake. We had a great time. I'll post more on the party soon.

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