Friday, February 24, 2012

Party Time

 The fam before everyone arrived.
 Emerson with her grandma's...Grammie and Gaga. We decided to have a small birthday for a couple reasons but mainly because Emerson doesn't like HUGE crowds. She'd rather just play with a small group of friends.
 So besides family...Emerson got to invite a couple of her friends from church, Bible study, wherever and then Stella was allowed to invite one friend. Well, she lucked out because some of Emme's friends just happen to have older sisters that Stella LOVES.
 Here's the gang. Please ignore me. I tried to crop myself out, but editing is acting up. I asked Tom why he didn't get me out of the picture and he just laughed and said he didn't realize I was there. Ha!
Ok,,cute kiddos. Emerson's buddy Collin and his big sister, Amelia, Stella's friend, Cilla, the bday girl, Stella, Kaylyn, and Audrey with big sister Ashlen :)
 Emme Loved her cake. She even tried to hug it.
 These girls were amazing during the party. They seriously just entertained themselves and played so well together. This picture kills me because they all look SOOOOO old.
 Checking out her presents.
Playing with her buddy, Audrey.

I'm so glad we did "smaller" because Emerson really did enjoy herself. I know it'll probably be a big blow out next year, but this year was just perfect. And I still can't believe she's ONE!

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