Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bye Bye Naturals

 Since the Naturals' first season Tom has been the onfield MC. He gets the crowd involved in the game and it's been a highlight of the last 5 years for Tom. Well, this past Thursday was his last game (tear).
SO we all loaded up and headed out for some fun! The staff got him a cookie cake. I'm pretty sure it was gone within seconds of him cutting it
 Emerson was ready with her bag.
 Doing what he does best...getting the crowd involved
 Yes, he'll pretty much do anything they ask. It was around 95 out when was in the get up
 It was HOT and someone (papa) helped keep the girls cool. Stella was not a fan of the surprise "showers"
 Taking a break to enjoy a hot dog with Julian
 I think they found Tom's replacement
 The staff also had some fun games that featured Tom but duing the 7th inning stretch they showed a fun video the Nats put together. It was played on the big screen. It was very thoughtful and awesome
 Tom also got the chance to sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame with his girls on the dugout.
It was the PERFECT way to end an incredible journey with the Naturals!

Tom was over the top excited when he heard a pro baseball team was coming to NWA but to be part of that team was a dream come true!
So proud of him and there's NO doubt he'll miss his spring/summer gig at the baseball field.