Thursday, July 26, 2012

Signing Off

 Well I guess I haven't officially announced it on the blog, BUT we're MOVING.
 After 4.5 years of waking up the folks in northwest Arkansas Tom is leaving KNWA and headed to Seattle. He'll be reporting full time for KCPQ...known as Q13 to the locals. It's a Fox affiliate and he's super excited about the new adventure. While this move is exciting it's also bittersweet...Tom was born and raised here and I've been here the last 15 years.
It's been an emotional couple weeks as Tom wrapped things up with the Naturals and then saying goodbye to Laine and Clint and of course his loyal viewers.
 At the end of his last show he tried to say goodbye and thanks to the viewers, but emotions took over so a simple waive said it all.
Tom has loved his time with the morning crew. He really is that energetic all the time.
Poor Tom and Laine were a little teary in this picture. We're so thankful for these two that made work fun for Tom.
Now it's onto a new chapter.
If you're in the Seattle area be sure to tune into Q13 and look for Tom's reports. And of course I'll keep everyone updated from Washington.
There's no doubt we'll miss it here..especially our life long friends!


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