Sunday, July 8, 2012


 We're lucky enough to still have a drive in movie theater in Fayetteville and when I heard Brave was playing I decided Stella and I needed a girls night. Of course, that meant we need more girls. Cilla and her mommy joined us. They loved setting up shop in the back of my car.
 These girls LOVE their lovies!
 We were stocked and ready for the movie...ok, maybe I went a bit overboard, but you're only young once. So we had popcorn!
 Candy..lots of candy. Cilla made sure to tell her mom that she would eat candy all the time if she let her...that girl cracks me up! I like her thinking :)
And of course we had Bliss cupcake.
It was a fun night (a little humid) but fun times with my girl and friends. There may have been a minor melt down over the carseats after the movie, but we pumped them with sugar past what did we expect!