Friday, November 2, 2012

Family Exploring

 Tom's off today and the weather forecast looked good so we decided to go exploring (as Stella calls it). I'd heard about the Snoqualmie Falls and its not far from us at all so we loaded up and headed out. We were not disappointed. It was beautiful
 Ok, I know, I know. I said it was supposed to be nice weather...and it was! This is mist from the falls. Isn't that crazy? Some viewpoints were a bit wetter than others but so worth it.
 Stella loved it and wanted to keep exploring. I'm thankful we still have lots of areas to explore here.
 Emerson was not a fan of the "wet"spots, but did enjoy the other areas.
Love this little explorer. After checking out the falls we were on the hunt for a trail to explore. Unfortunately there's some construction around the falls so we couldn't hike around there, but we did find an incredible hiking trail closer to our place. I love getting outdoors with my favorite 3 people. Tom has decided he wants to get into hiking more, so I think this is just the beginning of family adventures.

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