Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

 Pre-Halloween festivities. Emerson was pretty serious all night. Stella was stoked.
 Post dinner at the Beall's and pre-trick or treating. It is obvious the sugar is already kicking in for these little princesses.
 Stella and Piper striking a pose.
 The gang. Prince Charming (Cooper), Sleeping Beauty (Stella), Rapunzel (Piper), Hot dog (Summer) and Snow White (Emerson). Don't ask me what the girls are doing. I think they're saying cheese
 Headed out. Notice the rain boots with the princess dress.
 Waiting patiently.
 We divided our trick or treating into two outings. Courtney's sister and brother in law wanted in on the fun so we hit the streets with them, then we went home, sprayed our hair pink and then headed out again once Tom/daddy got off work. These two were SOOO proud of their hair.
 Emerson wasn't quite sure why it was ok to go up to strangers and walk away with candy. She took this job very seriously.
 About the wrap up the night.
 Happy daddy was able to make it.
 It was super fun this year. These girls knew what to do and by the end of the night they were yelling trick or treat and singing in the streets.
Family photo. I'm so thankful for these memories.

On a side note I'm also thankful for the Bealls. Court's sister, Whitney, walked into her house and asked us if we ever thought we'd live close together and be celebrating Halloween with our little ones. Well, honestly, no! Last year I was in Arkansas and Court in Washington. There wasn't even a thought that we'd both end up in the Seattle area. God is good and I'm so thankful that the Bealls have open their home to us as much as they have. I can't wait to get a house and show them the same hospitality.

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