Thursday, October 16, 2008

3 Weeks!

Time flies when you're having fun. It's hard to believe Stella is 3 weeks. Overall, it's been great. Neither one of us feel extremely exhausted...we have our moments, but very few. I think she's going through a mini-growth spurt this week because she is eating like a champ, so that means a lot of mommy and Stella time. Also, she likes to play, talk, fuss, etc from about 6 to 10 every night. But then around 10:15 to 10:45 she is out for a couple hours (my time to catch a few zzz's). As you can see by the pictures, now that Tom is back at work she likes to get his fix when he's relaxing at night. The picture of her sleeping amazes me because she just looks so long. Don't worry I didn't leave her was just while I took a picture before swaddling her tight.
As for what she's been up to...she very much likes to use her neck and move around. I know it's premature, but when she is on her play mat it really does seem like she's trying to roll over. I think Tom and I might have a strong personality on our hands that wants to do everything on her own and early!
Things are a bit busier now that she's awake more, so I will try to update at least once a week!

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heather said...

That last sleeping picture is so sweet! :)