Thursday, October 2, 2008

One Week Old

A week ago today our world changed forever and we can't believe it's already been 7 days. People tell you over and over that life will never be the same, but until you hold your own little one for that first time it's hard to understand completely! God has blessed us with such a wonderful gift that we sometimes wonder why us? Stella is doing great..of course as new parents we worry about the little things (but they can seem very big).
We've been more than blessed with our incredible parents. My mom has been here for the last week helping with diaper duty and those late night adventures. Not to mention she's cleaned, cooked, run errands, etc. But our support doesn't stop there...Tom's mom has been incredible as well. She's cooked several delicious meals, spoiled Stella and reassured us that everything will be ok. My dad calls regularly to check in on Stella and of course, Tom's dad is just as smitten and still helps Tom with little things around the house(yeah we can open our back door). Tom and I are so blessed that both sets of parents are involved and truly there for our every need.

Stella continues to grow..she is slowly gaining back the weight she lost after birth. We go to the doctor tomorrow to find out her new weight. I know she was a bigger baby, but she is still so tiny to us!

Here are a few pics of Stella over the last couple days..she enjoys her swing, taking field trips in the car to the doctor, hanging with the grandparents...etc.


Kylie, Jesse and Asher said...

Sydney she is so CUTE! I love seeing pictures of her. Beau and Booba have been staying with us so it's been fun to be updated on what is going on. You two definately are blessed. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

she is so pretty, sydney! you & tom do excellent work! you must have several more just like her!

i cannot wait to meet princess stella in person! she & i are going to be big buddies!

Anonymous said...

we need some new pictures!!!!