Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stella's Best Friend & Boyfriend?

The Carters with Little Miss Stella...Amy & Kyle are expecting their first, Owen, in December.

I promise they aren't mad in this picture...Deacon is just rubbing his eyes and Stella is yawning.

Some of our dearest friends from Little Rock, the Carters & Barnards, packed up their car and made a day trip to Fayetteville Saturday to meet Stella. We are so blessed and humbled by their friendship. We had a blast. Plus it was Tom & I's first chance to meet Deacon Barnard. He's 5 weeks older than Stella. You see there are plans that maybe Deacon and Stella will date in 30 years, but by looking at the pictures we're not so sure. Maybe Stella is waiting for Owen.

And one of my best friends for college, Heather, was able to make the trip for Harrison for a quick visit. We know Reese and Stella will be best friends in the future. Heather is a year older than me...last year she had Reese, so we're assuming that Reese and Stella will follow in their mommy's footsteps. We've already planned on them living in the Kappa house together (just kidding)! However, I'm sure Stella will be Reese's number one fan during the Miss Arkansas Pageant (like I was for Heather) and Reese will cheer for Stella at her basketball games! Either way their mommy's are praying they find friends like we did in eachother!!! Love ya Heath!!!!


Anonymous said...

i can see you in stella now, syd! in fact, now i think she looks just like you! where'd tom go?? ha, ha.

love you!

p.s. thanks for FINALLY posting new pics. i mean it's not like you just had a baby or anything to keep you busy or whatever! :0)

heather said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Did you HAVE to bring up the pageant thing? UUHHHHHH!

Amy said...

Hope Stella likes younger men. :) I know I do!