Saturday, October 11, 2008

A New Toy & the LEGEND!

I know I just posted pictures of Stella on her other play mat, but I found this one in her closest (the girl has a ton of stuff) so I decided to put it out today. It is very cool. It plays Mozart music, toys dangle, there's a mirror where she can check herself out, and several other cool features.
A little Stella time also gives mommy a break to pick things up around the house!
She likes that the elephant vibrates...I have to pull it for her, but I enjoy playing with her as well.
And this the Legend...also known as Cecillea, but Legend is more fun. She was in town this weekend and stopped by to meet Miss Stella. Tom and I worked with Cecillea in Little Rock at KARK. Her and Tom have the same sense of humor and are always cracking each other up...not to mention the girl knows how to throw a party! It was great to see her. We love you Cecillea and thanks for the princess socks!


Beau and Booba said...

Syd and Tom, thank you for posting pictures as much as you do! It is such a treat so be able to check your blog since we havn't seen Stella in person yet. We are dying to see her! She is soooo cute. Love you lots, Beau and Booba

Anonymous said...

yay! more pictures. keep them coming!