Wednesday, November 25, 2009

14 Months!

Is my BABY really already 14 months? CRAZY!!!
Of course I took pictures of her today but my camera is not loading right so I'll do with and show you her 1 year old pictures instead...which I've been meaning to do anyway. These are just a few...I will post more soon. Thank you Adam Harbottle for these amazing pics...check out his website. He is very talented and we plan on using him again SOON!

OOOOO...I love this little girl so much I'm bursting at the seams. Thank you Lord for blessing us with such this sweet pea!
Well, life at the Yazwinski household has been crazy lately...ALL because of Miss Stella.
She is on the go and doesn't want to stop at all.

What Stella's been up to..

She is still sleeping 11-13 hours at night and goes down like a champ, but nap time is questionable. We usually take her on a walk or arrange errands in the car so she will fall asleep and we can transport her to the crib...then she takes a 1-3 hour nap.

Stella is eating GREAT. She loves food and doesn't refuse anything. She has this new thing that if it's getting close to a meal time and she's hungry she goes and stands by her high chair. If she wants a snack she stands by the pantry where I keep the cheerios.

She loves to read books and have us read them to her...I mean LOVES it! She is also a HUGE fan of Little People. And just over the last couple days she has become attached to one of her baby dolls. Yesterday she was carrying it around and patting it on the back and saying shhhh...that's what I do with her if she's sick...too cute.

She is VERY attached to her much so that we purchased a backup. Bunny goes everywhere with her.

And this girl is a talker...some of her words include:
bunny (of course), mama, dadda, papa, gaga (for grandma just recently), kitty, ball, baby (more like bahba), dog (she says cog), duck, balloon, fish (more just ish), uh oh, all done (she says that at the end of every book and when she means thank you:)), big bird, cockadoodledo, bear, bye bye, hi, bug, belly---I know there are more but can't think of them.

I mentioned she says big bird, well, just this week she started watching Sesame Street and loves it and at first I thought Elmo was her favorite...I WAS WRONG. That was until Big Bird played a major role in a more recent episode...she just kept looking at him then me then him, etc in awe and saying Big Bird.

Happy 14th Months Stella...Mommy & Daddy Love you!

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