Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Randomness...A Little of This & A Little of That

I know she's a ham, but it was so nice this weekend that Stella wanted to sport her sunglasses!
And since we thought this might be the end of nice weather we headed to a local hiking spot and enjoyed the weather. I promise Stella was having a good time...she just wanted the camera here.
Pretty background!
Enjoying our picnic lunch...until the bees showed up. We finished our lunch in the car.
Stella being a silly monkey. She's double fisted. She thinks it is so funny when she has two of her sippy cups.
Dancing with her sippy cups.
Wiggling her hips :)
And we were right about the warm weather ending...this is today (just 3 days since our hike) and it's in the high 30s. But Stella was begging to go outside. She stands by the front door and says side side side over and over...so we bundled up and went outside.
Always on the go...
Running after Diesel...
too busy to pose for mom. Don't worry Grandma's we were only outside for 5 minutes...enough to let Diesel go potty.

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Ashley said...

I'm loving that Stella went hiking in a dress, such a girly girl!