Saturday, November 7, 2009

On Your Mark, Get Set...its Time to Catch Up!

Ok, I know I'm way behind so this is a long post...including parties, trick or treating and fall festivals!
The week before Halloween we loaded up the car and headed to LR for a Halloween party at the was a blast. This is Deacon and Stella checking eachother out before we left for the party!
I think they agreed they both looked ridicuously cute and silly! Of course Andrea (party host) went all out for the party and made the cutest treats for everyone to enjoy. She is the Martha Stewart of the group!
Stella is "posing" for a picture outside the party!
Cute little flower don't you think?
Attempt at a family photo.

Playing with her friend Chandler, aka the sock monkey...too cute.
When we got back from LR it was pumpkin carving/painting/drawing time. Here are Tom and Stella gearing up for the project.
Working hard...Stella was done a lot quicker than Tom so we just pretended to keep working.
Sorry...there is no picture of the finished'll have to ask Tom about that one.
Ok, now it's go time. Businesses on our cities square have a trick or treat event for kiddos so we decided to join in the fun this year. As you can see the little flower was very excited!
I promise she did get candy.
I love this girl!

Grammie and Papa even made the loop with us...there were A LOT of kids.
And I feel bad that I've never talked about Stella's distant I thought I'd throw in a picture of them---this is Grampie Julian and Gigi Lori...they loved on Stella big time over Halloween :)
Then to top off the candy/fun filled weekend our neighborhood had a fall festival and Stella got to ride on a PONY!!! It looks like daddy is having fun too.
Laid back!
She had a blast. This is such a fun age because she is really getting into everything and showing her personality and boy does she have one!
Hope you all had a great halloween!

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