Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Swim Lessons

We're doing what?
Do you know what we're doing here?
Making sure others are on board for the swim lessons idea. :)

Waiting to get in. Notice her hand on Tom's leg.
Listening closely to what Miss Virgina was telling her.

Daddy's in...it's almost time.

All smiles.

Getting used to the water.

Playing follow the leader with the other kiddos.

Splashing and having a great time!
She wasn't too sure at this point and I think Tom might be looking at me --- thinking ok, time for mommy to get in. I wasn't planning on getting in today, BUT...

good thing I was in my suit.

Stella did great for her first day of swim lessons. There were parts she loved and others (like when Miss Virgina took her to demo with) that she wasn't a fan and let EVERYONE know it.
We had a blast though. I know Tom was excited that he got to do her first class with her since he was off work for the holiday.
We have four more classes and then I'm sure Miss Stella will be a fish in the water.


Trumbo Family said...

Yeah Swim Ranch! She looks so happy! I'm not looking forward to getting my post preg. body in there, will Tom be Trenton's fill in dad while Matt is at work?!

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

I can NOT wait for swim lessons!! And since Stella's are over we can actually go to the pool next week!!!!!!