Sunday, June 27, 2010

Orlando- Day 3- The Wedding

Before putting on our best and heading out for the WEDDING...we hit the pool in the morning and someone had a blast! Stella loves swimming with her daddy.
Our pool had this fun waterfall...Stella wasn't sure, but it was fun to get close.

Tom with the groom. Jon and Tom have been friends since college and it's so fun to see them together. They really do have a great time together and it always includes a LOT of laughter! We love you Jon!

Since I was chasing a toddler around all night I didn't get a good picture of Jon and Gina. BUT let me tell you she was a beautiful bride and her dress was amazing!

The sweet couple. And please look at the cake...Gina's sister and mom made was DELISH!

Stella danced the night away. She only took a break for cake, ha! She seriously danced for hours. By the end of the night it was more of a sway, but she kept going.

Here is Jon with his groomsmen and groomsmaids. He loved that Tom and I did this at our wedding so he did the same. Afterall, you want your best friends up there with you on your special day...guy or girl!
We LOVE you JON & GINA!!! Thanks for letting us celebrate your big day with you.

This is Stella NOT wanting to leave.

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