Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Orlando- Day 4- Back to Disney

After a great night at the wedding...we woke up early for a yummy breakfast, BUT...
not just any breakfast. As you can tell Miss Stella has her eye on something.
Who is so interesting you ask?

Well, this guy of course! Pluto came to breakfast with us and Stella was THRILLED.

She did not want to pose for pictures instead she just wanted to look at him and give him fives.

Pluto wasn't our only breakfast guest. Stella spent a little time with Goofy...giving him knuckles of course.

I LOVE this picture of her with our final breakfast guess. She had such a hard time looking at the camera because she kept checking Minnie out of the corner of her eye. It was too cute. Great memories at the breakfast.

I'm really glad we did this before we headed out to Animal Kingdom and Disney Hollywood.

Saying one last goodbye to Minnie before heading to the parks.

Animal Kingdom was pretty amazing! Most of the animals were out and about and Stella loved seeing them all through the tours and the Safari ride.

Waving at the monkeys.

Then of course, we had to see Donald again.

AND Mickey!

We played at the discovery area.

Digging for dinosaur bones with Daddy.

After a couple hours at Animal Kingdom we headed over to Disney Hollywood and Stella LOVED it because we saw Mickey's Clubhouse LIVE!
She went crazy!

Eating some of daddy's turkey leg. He really just wanted to take a picture of her with it and she LOVED it and wanted more. I don't think he really wanted to share, but he did. HA.
Our trips to Disney were better than we ever imagined! We didn't take as many pictures on day 4, but it was a blast! I hope we have the opportunity to take Stella back someday!

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