Thursday, June 24, 2010

Orlando- Day 1...DISNEY

Magic Kingdom...the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!
I've always LOVED Disney, but I NEVER knew how amazing it would be to experience it with a toddler. Yes, I welled up in tears when we got there and we had a blast. We took hundreds of pictures, but of course, didn't get many family photos. It was so fun to watch Stella fall in LOVE with Mickey and all his friends. Please excuse how grose we was HOT.
These first few pics are out of order, but it wont let me reorganize, so this is Stella upset that she can't cut in front of everyone at Small World...her FAVORITE ride.
This was her second time to wait and see Mickey and Minnie. She looks serious in the pictures but she was going crazy when she saw them. She kept giving them five and knuckles.
The staff got the biggest kick out of her.
Meeting Mickey for the first time. High Fives all around.

Then hugs.
Posing, but really wanting to give more hugs.

Everyone loves a picture with MICKEY!

One last hug.

So excited about meeting Mickey & Minnie. She was talking about it the entire way out to the park. SOOO cute.

Waving to the princesses dancing on stage. YES, it was hot.

Weaving our way through the Small World Line.

Taking a sneak peek at the ride...she was so excited.

Taking in the site with Daddy. She danced the entire way through It's a Small World.

Waiting for the parade and fireworks. Yes, we are in different close. Late in the afternoon a thunderstorm rolled in so we went back to the hotel for a couple hours to cool off and get into some clean clothes. It was a nice break, considering Stella's only nap was on the ride back to the hotel during the storm.
This was the REAL reason we were in Orlando in the first place. Tom was the bestman in Jon and Gina's wedding. It was so fun to hang with them at Disney and celebrate their marriage.

Waiting in between the parade and fireworks. At this point, besides our little break during the storm, we'd been at the park since 9 that morning and it was almost 10. I think you can tell Stella is a little tired.

Watching the INCREDIBLE firework show. It really was amazing!

And this is how Stella ended the firework the comfort of her stroller. We got to see fireworks almost every night because we could see the firework show at Epcot from our hotel room, so now when it gets dark Stella asks for fireworks. I wish we could have the magic of Disney at home too!

Like I said earlier, I've always LOVED Disney, but I never knew I could love it more until I experienced it with Stella. We didn't ride any of the big rollercoasters while at Magic Kingdom because Stella was all about the characters and small world, but I didn't feel like we missed out on anything. In the past I just walked passed It's a Small World, but this time I was excited to wait in line TWICE for Stella's favorite ride. I loved it. Tom and I already want to take her back. HA! Time to start saving those pennies.

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