Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Big Week for Our Big Girl

 Today was this little photographers 1st day of school. And she insisted that she take my picture instead of me getting her this morning. Stella is little Miss Bossy  :)
 Ready to head out the door with her new backpack and lunch box.
 A forced "cheese" She did great her first day and we SOOO excited Miss Jamie was her teacher again. And she has talked about her new teacher Miss Merrily all day too, so I have a feeling she is going to love this year!
 Another BIG deal in our household this week...Stella is in her big girl BED!!! This was nap time today.
 She LOVES her bed. I think she likes her princess pillows from Gaga and this princess bed rail daddy found the BEST, She calls it her Cinderella bed...I guess whatever works, right? Stella has done great. I was worried about the transition, but it's been EASY!
 Here's the bed before all the stuff animals and lovies over took it. It's just perfect for Stella. Thanks to Gaga for finding this cute bedding and for such a deal!

But can someone tell me when did my baby get so big? Really?!?! A big girl bed...time please slow down!

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Lyndsey said...

That's crazy; she is big! : ) Love that bed; it's super cute.