Thursday, February 25, 2010

17 Months

This is what I see everyday while I finish "getting ready" in the morning. Stella LOVES to brush her teeth. She used to let me do it, but now she wants to do it.
She's very good. She gets both sides. And when I'm finally ready to get out of our bathroom...

This is what happens. Please refer back to the first picture and notice my angel. Yes, that's how much she loves her toothbrush. But don't worry I can usually distract her and she's off playing in the other room. I hope she always likes brushing her teeth. ha!

Stella also LOVES to help me "make" salads. When I get the spinner out she goes crazy. She was so proud of herself helping me tonight.

Look at her little fingers...she is working so hard to clean the lettuce.
Please tell me this WHEN DID STELLA GET SO OLD!!!!??
17 Months...I can't believe it. Just recently it seems like she is repeating words we're saying all the time, even when we're not talking to her. It's so fun!!! She really likes words and is all about the alphabet. She's loved the ABC's since she was born,b ut now she loves to repeat letters with her daddy all the time. We have to sets of letters on the fridge and another in the bath. So far, her favorite letter is B.
Favorite words=ball, baby, bunny, daddy, mama, Papa, GaGa, Beau(my brother), shoe, boot, bug, duck, cow, kitty, dog, hi, bye bye, belly, stop, go, car...there are several more, but a new one I like is welcome. When I give her something I tell her to say thank you, instead she says welcome. I just want to eat her up because she knows those go together but she doesn't understand what she's supposed to say. AHHHH I just love her so much!
Other info...
*Stella loves to Skype with her grandparents in Oregon
*Stella loves to visit Papa and Grammie here and meet them for lunch
*Stella loves it when Daddy gets home from work
*Stella loves to read her books and is starting to 'read' them to us. I think it's safe to say her favorite is "Hop on Pop" by Dr. Suess
*Stella loves to entertain herself but then is VERY adament when she wants us to join in the fun
*Stella has 12 teeth that are all the way in and 4 either slightly poking through or close to it
Life with Stella is more than we could've ever imagined and we can't wait to see what each day brings because there is always an adventure.


Sarge said...

She has gotten to be such a big girl! Definitely can see you and Tom in her cute face!

Maybe she'll be a dentist?

Julia said...

Hey Tom, Syd and Stella!! I love this blog. What a beautiful daughter you have!! Good thing she looks like her momma! How wonderful she doesn't have to go to daycare. I hope you are well! Check us out at