Saturday, February 27, 2010

Scratchy Throat

Look who has a popsicle!!!! Late yesterday evening Stella was running a high fever so we got into to the doctor just in time (our urgent care pediatric clinic is open to 8, thank goodness). The doctor says her throat is VERY irritated, but since it's viral and not strep there's not much we can do.
BUT he did say popsicles would make it feel a little better. Well, Stella didn't want anything to do with popsicles when she had the stomach bug, but NOW is MUCH different. She was very found of her new treat.

I had to add this picture because she is pretty much mocking me. I was telling her no (she was going after our dog) and giving her "the look." I always start laughing after she imitates my look and so does she.

Yesterday afternoon Stella was "helping" Tom with the laundry. She does everything he does. He always shakes the wrinkles out before folding and she does the exact same thing. I caught her doing this the other day when she was "folding" the clothes in her room the other day too.

Daddy's little helper.
And then later she tried to bite his toes...who knows why? :)

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I have something to lubricate your throat tastes better than popsicle too