Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In the Corner

I've already told you Stella loves to read. Well, lately I usually find her reading in little nooks. It's normally in a spot where I can't see her very well, but she can always spot us. This is where I found her today.
I love her crossed legs.

Taking a break to say hi to mommy.

And when I was trying to get her to put her pjs on she decided to read her kitty book out in the open :)
And guess where she went once she was in her pjs...this girl loves to read!

Like I said, she can usually see us and if it gets to quiet Stella peaks around to make sure we're still here.
I was telling my mom this and she said I used to go into corners and nooks to entertain myself!

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Debbie said...

We are forming an Arkansas Bloggers group and would love for you to link up to that. You can find the link to more information on my blog.