Sunday, January 31, 2010


Ok, I've been wanting to finger paint with Stella for quite sometime now...and simply keep forgetting. So after reading a couple of your blogs I had Tom pick up pudding on his way home. I chose pudding just in case she wasn't a fan of fingerpainting then we'd just eat it.
Here's the artist at work. Stella doesn't really like anything on her hands so she was very hesitant at first.
On another master piece, but not very excited about the project mommy busted out.
So instead of doing mommy's silly project inside we ventured out in the snow again. She's not sure of the snow either, but we managed to have fun and play some soccer.

And tonight I decided to make some snow icecream for Tom and I. It was good, but very sweet. I think I like the "real" stuff better, but hey we have the supplies for this so why not.
PS I'm not showing the final pieces from the artist because she is saving them for both sets of grandparents!!!
Have a great week!

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