Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coupons, Skype and Cuteness

This morning Miss Thang decided she'd "help" me organize my coupons. Here she is being silly.
After about 2 minutes there were coupons and trash everywhere.

But it sure was a fun game!

When I went to get Stella up from her nap...she had a blowout, so we took a mid-afternoon nap and then decided to call Gaga. Have I told you how AMAZING skype/technology is? Stella gets to talk/see her Papa and Gaga in Oregon whenever she wants. If you don't have skype...and have family far away you need to research it because it is great. In this picture Stella is patting her head because my mom asked where her head was. Somedays Stella is a crazy women and dances for my parents and other days she'll listen to them read a get the idea.

Sharing her snack with Gaga. Isn't her robe cute?

Stella decided to love on Diesel. Notice he is liking the attention, but I'm pretty sure it's because she has her snack cup in hand.

And since we're expecting winter weather this week Stella and I played a little outside when we got the mail. I had to take a picture of her when we got instead because I think this sweater is the CUTEST!!! I wish I had my own because it is super warm and seems so cozy.

Hope you have a great Thursday. We're praying the ice that is predicted for tomorrow is not bad and we get snow instead. So stay tuned for snow pictures!!! (we hope)

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Kylie and crew. said...

I LOVE the dress up top!!! Where is that from? You girl sure has style :)