Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Deja Vu???

Yes, this is a picture of Stella from last year. if you can believe it we're gearing up for the ice/snow storm of 2010. The weather guys are saying between 1/4-1 inche of freezing rain/sleet/ice then 2-6 inches of snow. It's going to be a mess!! These pictures are from Ice Storm 2009. Click here for a refresher. It was a year YESTERDAY since the last BIG ice storm. So as the memories are fresh...we're gearing up for a repeat.
I can't believe it's already been a year. People are still picking up from last year. We lucked out last year and only lost power for a few hours here and there, but some lost it for several days...even weeks.
This year even if we're home-bound for awhile it should be a little easier...I'm not working so I wont have to take Stella to work with me. It was fun taking her last year, but stressful.
If this storm hits like they're predicting...stay warm and safe.

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Trumbo Family said...

You lucky ducks in West Fay. don't have the "power issues" we do over here on the East side. I guess your power lines are buried underground because your neighborhoods are newer. We are coming over if ours goes out!! Are you done disinfecting??!!