Monday, January 18, 2010

Baby Bookworm

Oh my goodness we have found the perfect match for Stella...dancing, books and balls! It's all part of Baby Bookworm at our local public library. It is super fun. It's every Monday and Thursday morning for about 25 minutes. Today was our first day, but it was super fun.
This is a dream come true for entire bin of BOOKS!!!

And of my goodness, after storytime and dancing, the teacher rolled out a bunch of balls. I think her face says it all!

Singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider..she really has the rain motion down :)

Looking at the other kids playing with their bells in the room...she eventually got the hang of it.

And Daddy even slipped away from work for 30 minutes and joined in the fun. That was a nice treat...the library is only a couple blocks from the station so it's perfect.
I think Stella and I will make this a regular event on Mondays. We have Bible study on Thursday so she is playing in the nursery on that day. BUT if you live in the area I highly recommend this if you can make it. It was very busy today, but it's MLK day so I think there was a bigger crowd than usual. And in case you're's FREE.

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