Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Maybe Cabin Fever Isn't so Bad!!!!

Stella and I decided to organize her room and FINALLY pack all her clothes from her first year for storage. I've put them in boxes and just let them overflow in our guestroom closet, so after reading about my friend working on packing up her son's clothes I decided to be productive. We cranked up the music and made it a fun activity.

This is the final product. I know it's ridiculous!!!! If we decide to have another little one and it's a girl...she'll be SET.
We will be putting this in the attic either later this week or onto the next project. Putting some old toys away and getting the "dining room" ready to be Stella's PLAYROOM. Afterall, we don't have dining room furniture, so lets use the space for what we do have....TOYS!

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