Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Difference of a Few Days

As you can see Stella is not quite sure what that bright thing in the sky is...the suns been out lately, but it's been too stinken cold to take her outside. Today it was in the mid 50's...unbelievable, so we jumped at the chance to play!
Enjoying the wind blown look and very happy to be outside!
I know we're already half way through January, but today is seriously the first warm day for Tom to take down our Christmas lights. The temps dropped as soon as we got back from Oregon, so today he took advantage. Yes, that is a garbage bag around his neck...he was putting the light clips in there. Whatever works I guess.

Making his way around the house.

Did I say it was in the mid 50's today...well, this was the case just a few days ago. YIKES. I like cold weather, but that's a big much. I know it could be worse, but not in Arkansas. :)

So this is what Stella was up to when it was too cold to go outside...she found "treasures" in our cabinets.

She played her piano for all her little people. She's got quite the audience...and that's not all of them. Yes, there is a lot of ointment on her face in this picture.Poor girl had major chapped lips and cheeks. I think it was part due to the heater constantly going at our house and teething so she was licking her lips a lot.

And of course, she helped me in the kitchen! She really enjoys to get things ready for dinner. If it was up to her we'd have dinner at 3:30.

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