Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Third Wheel

This is what Tom wrote on his facebook last night, "Just had a date with my baby girl with candle light and music. The chicken was delicious. The potatoes were divine. We got dessert on the house. It was Chick-fil-a."
I tagged along on this special date because they need a photographer. It was so special. I grew up going on daddy/daughter dates with my dad so I'm glad Tom and Stella are carrying on the tradition. He decided to take his little date to chick-fil-a because they decorated the restaurant for Valentines day...there was candle light, flowers, live music, and even a stuffed cow for the first 50 "ladies". It was too cute to pass up. I love watching Tom love on Stella. She is truly the apple of his eye and as you can tell she is a big fan of his.
How cute is the picture of Stella giving him a kiss at the "end" of the date!
Now that is a romatic Valentines...watching my hubby love on our little girl!!!!

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