Monday, March 1, 2010


Hello friends!!!!

I'm working on a project and I need YOUR help and all your BLOGGER friends.

Please leave me a quick note and tell me why you blog!!! And have your friends shoot me a quick note too.


Here's a picture for the grandparents. (the main reason I blog :))


Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

I love her giving you "the look" in the last post. She is such a cutie.

I started blogging strictly for family--so the grandparents could see Lilly whenever. Then, I realized so many friends blog and I LOVE being able to keep up with them.

Then, it has become a way to keep a record of our lives since I have NO TIME to scrapbook these days. The blog will help when I do have time to catch up. Also, it makes me feel like I am having an adult conversation some days when I haven't had one and Matt is working hard.

Last, but not least, I have actually made a couple of new friends. So, what started out as a way to simply show pictures to grandparents has ended up being a blessing and useful in so many ways. There is my book-long comment on "why I post". Haha.

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

...and now see Reid--I didn't intentionally leave him off--I was just thinking about when I started the blog. LOL.

Jessica Harriman said...

Sydney, I started blogging when I got pregnant. I do it now for two reasons. Number one is for me- a record of these days with my family . I always thought I wanted to start a diary when I had children to give them one day as an insight to me and what I was doing and thinking as they were growing up (and what they were doing too). So this is kind of like my diary. Number two is for friends and family to keep up with the day to day growth of Mary Ella. All of our family is out of town so I know they really enjoy seeing her pictures and hearing what she's doing.

Hope this helps. I love blogging and reading other blogs. It's fun to get back in touch with friends and feel like you know what's going on in their lives. I just love reading about sweet Stella by the way!

aLiCia* said...

Hey Syd! I started blogging before Drew & I got married and then once we did, we moved away so it's a great way for my family and friends to know what I'm up to (or into hah).

Jae said...

Hey Syd,
I started blogging on the day I got home from my adventure out of Texas during Hurricane Rita. It was a way to "purge" that experience. Months later it became my journal/scrapbook.

I'm always surprised when someone (usually my mom) comments to me in person about something I have posted . . . I almost forget that others are reading it. ALMOST. Once at the Gulley Park concert, I recognized someone whose blog I read. I was really surprised when she recognized me too!

I've been watching Stella grow up through photos and felt like I already knew here when I actually got to meet her a few weeks ago! :)

Lets catch up in "real life" again soon!

tara said...

I am creatively inept(which is why I cried when Andrea made the scrapbook!) I love showing my children how important milestones and memories are and need records of dates. SO blogging is my compromise on documenting all the baby steps in their lives! And of course I started it to keep family up to date! Of course family and friends are part of the blog and reminds us all of what's most important =)) I also love reading other blogs for the support and humor of knowing I'm not the only mommy that loses her head, that cries over the simplest of milestones, that has crazy kids, and for confirmation that there really are monsters in washing machines that eat only one of every matching pair of's just good to know I'm not alone!!!