Thursday, March 25, 2010

18 Months

This sweet face is 18 months old! I say it every month, but its hard to believe!!!! I don't know if I'll ever get used to it.

Here she is saying cheese to me. (sorry for the messy hair, but she mushed some mac n cheese in it at lunch and then took a nap:))

Laughing as I tickle her.


And FINALLY the smile I was trying to get, but she likes to be right in FRONT of the camera when she poses!

18 month stats...

height: 32.4 inches almost 80 percentile
weight: 25.27 pounds almost 75 percentile

What Stella is up to...
Sleeping from 8-7ish (we've had a few earlier mornings)
She says EVERYTHING...and is starting to repeat us!!!
She is still fond of boys...younger and older. She really loves to point out babies and is sweet to them
She LOVES the park and being outside (if only our weather would cooperate)
She is starting to really show an interest in SHOES (uh oh)...she loves trying shoes on and loves finding mine and putting them on.
She has also decided that she is best friends with our dog again and likes to get in his chair and take over.
She is starting to say mommy instead of mama and it MELTS my heart.

Ok, lets be honest everything this little squirt does melts my heart. Thank you Jesus for such an amazing gift. I don't deserve this little angel!

Happy 18 months Stella!

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Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

She is such a stinking cutie!!!