Sunday, March 7, 2010

Deacon Came to Visit

Thursday evening Deacon and his parents snuck away from Little Rock for a quick business trip in NWA. Stella was surprised to find her friend at her house Friday morning! It was a quick visit, but so much fun.

These kiddos are just so fun to watch at this age and it was fun to watch their little personalities come out.

After a morning of reading, playing and trying to grasp the concept of sharing we headed to the park and then a yummy lunch. As you can tell by their red cheeks in the last picture they had a blast and were super tired. It was definately past naptime!!!

Thanks for visiting Deacon!! You and your mommy and daddy are welcome ANYTIME!

ps...My computer is being wierd about posting captions under the pictures so until I figure it out--this will have to do.

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