Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Girl After My Own Heart

She might look like her daddy, but she wants to be like her mommy.
Stella had a blast getting some diet coke. She didn't get to drink any, but it was a fun game.

She had fun putting them back too, ha!

Stella wanted to put rubberbands in her hair today! They didn't stay in long and I know they are VERY lopsided and the part is a mess, but we were just playing!

I promise if we were going somewhere I would've made this look better, but we were just playing. I still think it's super cute of course. Afterall, I always have my hair up. So maybe Miss Thang does have a tomboy side to her like her mommy!

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Lauren Purcell said...

So cute! Riley has that bumblebee shirt too...seems like Stella and Riley pretty much share a closet! So GREAT to see you guys!