Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lazy Day

Ok, so today wasn't really a lazy day...but Tom and Stella got to chill with each other while I worked at Race for the Cure EARLY this morning. THEN it was a nice relaxing day!
I don't have pictures of Stella at the race because the weather was pretty bad and she slept in.
BUT we did hit up Razorfest later this afternoon. It's a family friendly event for folks to enjoy before the big spring Hog scrimmage. This is our friend J...Stella loved watching the "big" kids play.

We weren't there long because the weather was kind of hit and miss, but Stella didn't know the difference.

As you can see she was having a blast!

Since it was such a soggy Saturday...Stella wanted to bust our her rainboots. They are still very big, but she LOVES them.

She LOVED stomping in the wet grass.

If only the boots blocked the wind too! :)

Hope you had a great Saturday!

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John, Brittney, and Trevor said...

Hey guys. Haven't got to see you in a while so I thought I would visit your blog to check in. Stella is adorable as usual and sounds like you guys have been doing well. Hope we can get together again soon!!!