Saturday, April 3, 2010

Playgroup or Should I say TEA PARTY

This week we had a bunch of new faces to playgroup. And I've got to tell you...I love getting to know more mommies and playing with their little ones. Thanks for coming over Yesie, Lisa, Jennifer, Jenna and Sara.

For some reason several the boys were drawn to Stella's teapot and purse. It was SOO cute.

Don't you just want to eat this guy up. Brody is Jennifer's little one-- precious!
Oh my goodness, Brayden is the sweetest thing ever. He was really attached to the purse. Lets just hope his dad doesn't read this, ha!
Trenton was on the go and Stella tried to keep up, but as you can see he is a fast one.
And of course, Stella's favorite man was there. She is so drawn to Reid...maybe she has a thing for younger guys!

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