Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reading Spot

Well, as you can see Stella LOVES her potty! BUT...
it seems like she'd rather read there than take care of "business."

Slowly but surely we'll get there, but I'm just happy she says potty and "tries" to go when she's sitting there.
Maybe the next potty post we'll have some more updates!!


B.J. Shea and Drew said...

Hello sweet friend! This post is hilarious! Love it! Also from previous post, I think my fav swimsuit would have to be the white and green polka dot...but they are all so cute! And that tan skin...are you kidding, so jealous! :) So glad I can keep up with you guys from so far way! Love yall!

Anonymous said...

She's craving my 9in dick up that tight asshole