Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is She Interested?

Yes, that's right! Don't adjust your screen. Stella is wearing her big girl panties. But don't get to excited...they're over her diaper, but she's been showing a big interest in her panties again, so I might give in and "really" start the training.
Checking out her panties...AGAIN.
Oh how she cracks me up. She not only insisted on wearing her undies...she wanted to put on her headbands. Oh goodness.

Playing in her stellar outfit. I think I should bust out my mom's old Jane Fonda videos for her to workout to in this get up :)
And what a tough life she leads. This evening she wanted to watch Mickey and this is her relaxing. What a LIFE!.
I love how she crosses her ankles and is so dainty. LOVE YOU STELLA!


Rebekah said...


The Neffs said...

What a cutie you have! Good luck with the potty training. My daughter was all about it once she picked out her princess panties at 2. Have a great week!

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

LOVE it. She is dainty, isn't she??

Anonymous said...

I want to check out your panties too and what they cover

Anonymous said...

take your sweet knickers off for me sweetie I want to see your lovely little bald toddler p-ssy