Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jump Zone

WARNING: PICTURE OVERLOAD! Welcome to JUMP ZONE. Tom heard about this place when I was PREGNANT with Stella and has wanted to go ever since. Well, today was the big day and oh boy did we have a BIG TIME.
Checking things out at first.
Realizing this is a fun place and she better get to jumping!
The beginning of the slides...this is nothing compared to what she did with daddy later.

Now she's ready for some big girl action!

This slide was SUPER fast...

so fast they flew off the end!

BUT that wasn't the end of the slides...Stella wanted to go on the Octopus.

This picture cracks me up...Stella looks terrified and Tom's waiving while holding her in the death grip. But after the slide Stella yelled AGAIN.

She was so excited she wouldn't even stop to look at the camera and off they went to the top of the slide. They were having a BLAST!

And I will end you with this funny picture! I'm not quite sure who had more fun Stella or Daddy, but I DO know that we'll be going back soon because they both talked about it ALL afternoon. If you live in the area check it out. It doesn't cost a thing for parents and depending on your kids's very reasonable!

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Jenna said...

I've been wanting to take B there forever! It looks like so much fun!