Wednesday, August 25, 2010

23 Months

Right now you are daddy's girl. You like FOOTBALL and wrestling and you ask for daddy when you get up, but he's already at work.
You are still very much on the go. It finally cooled down here so we could enjoy the outdoors without melting :)
You love to show off, especially if daddy is around.

You are VERY independent and like to do everything on your OWN. You tend to be a bit bossy too...we're working on that.

You still melt our hearts.
You cannot wait to drive...I think it's your need to do it yourself :)

You have a very impressive vocabulary. You can pretty much say anything...including NO.

You LOVE to RUN. And you usually say "I'm running." when you're flying through the house or playing outside.

And you GIGGLE like crazy when daddy chases after's by far one of your favorite games right now.
We love you more month and your *2* is that possible?


Trumbo Family said...

Here in a month when people ask you how old she is you just say "2"
And you say that for a whole more months to keep up with. I took the kids to the park this evening too!

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Bossy? I think not! Haha. Stella--you do have a super vocabulary and speak in very impressive sentences! Such a smartie and a cutie!