Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Little Artist

Earlier this week my mom sent Stella a package of goodies. Stella absolutely LOVES the coloring books and markers. She stayed in her high chair forever coloring and making a mess :)
Very serious about her art work.
My mom also sent these earrings and Stella loved wearing funny!
When she was done coloring she INSISTED on "organizing" all the markers. Yes, she had to have EVERY single one with her. If you look closely you can see some her "art" on the tray.

This was her last night. I ran to Target to get a couple gifts and there were some crayons in the dollar bins (love those bins) so I grabbed some and Stella LOVED that she didn't have to sit in her high chair while coloring. She set up shop on the floor and went to town!

Then she was back at it this morning. I'm so glad she likes coloring because in this heat it's a good distraction while we're stuck indoors.
Thanks Gaga!

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