Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pretty Princesses

 OH my word! When did these two grow up? I swear it was just yesterday Sallie's mom, Renee, and I would bump (literally and figuratively) at church and wonder what are sweet girls would be like. Well, almost 3 years later it's obvious....
 they're princesses! Stella and i don't get to see Sallie and Renee often, but it's always a fun time when we do. We finally had them over today and the girls played together great (for the most part). And soon before they left the girls decided to be princesses. I love that Sallie is also holding the Rapunzel doll.
 When we were helping into their "gowns" Stella was frantically looking for her crown and she informed me, "You can't be a princess without a crown." Now I know :)
By the way Sallie is a month older than Stella..last year they were both into Mickey and had Mickey b-day parties...this year they're both having princess parties.
The two princesses watched a little Alice in Wonderland and then it was nap time. As I'm writing this Stella is napping, but you should know she's now wearing the Rapunzel dress. Yes, she's even a princess when she sleeps. (sidenote: I would letter her wear her Belle dress to bed because there's too much glitter, so we compromised:))
As always it was fun to catch up with Renee. She really has the sweetest spirit and is super encouraging. It was also fun to sit back and hear the two little princesses carry on little conversations...such a fun age!

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