Monday, October 17, 2011

8 Months

 This serious pumpkin is 8 months! I can't get enough of her!
 Licking her lips is a favorite pass time  since her teeth seem to be killing her.
 My happy girl.
I had  to add this picture because she LOVES her pig that attached to her paci. I know she's 8 months old, but I'm still getting used to the whole paci thing. Stella never liked one.

What Emerson is up to..

*eat "real" food twice a day
*still nurse like a champ (including in the middle of the night!)
*wearing size 3 diaper
*wearing 9 months clothing, but your feet are still small
*your hair is growing but straight up :)
*you have your FIRST tooth...and are working on some more
*you take two good naps and if we're running around town you usually pass out
* you LOVE to watch your sister and listen to her sing
*you are a sweet's to hoping you sleep through the night soon  :)

We love you Emerson Kate!

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